The Municipal Crematorium is the place on Earth where Jake Sully and two RDA agents went to see the deceased body of Jake's twin brother, Tom Sully, and also the place where his body was cremated. It is a high-tech crematorium.[1]


Municipal Crematorium

Jake and the agents before Tom Sully was cremated.

In light of overpopulation and a lack of burial space to dispose of the deceased, the humans of 22nd century Earth now cremate their dead. The process of cremation involves burning the body of a deceased person in a cremation oven until the remains are turned to "ashes" (in reality, the "ashes" of the deceased are in fact bone remains that are crushed and pulverized into a grey dust after the rest of the deceased's body has been vaporized by the flames in the cremation oven).

From what is known from Tom Sully's cremation, it appears that the Municipal Crematorium utilizes multiple cremation ovens so that it could handle the large number of deceased people that are sent to the facility to be cremated. Unlike cremations and other funerals in the present day (e.g. the early 21st century), it appears that no religious funeral ceremonies are performed before the deceased person is cremated and that the deceased's next of kin are present to witness the cremation process.


  • The use of cremation by the humans of Earth in the 22nd century can be seen as an example of the differences between the humans and the Na'vi of Pandora (who bury their dead instead of cremating them) in how the two species/civilizations dispose of their dead.


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