Musical Bone
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Used by

Na'vi; Anurai Clan


Musical instrument


Cut from a bone



Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

Toruk - The First Flight Promotional Website

The Musical Bone is a flue made of bone, manufactured by the Anurai Clan. In addition to sculpture, music is another art form the Anurai explore with animal bones. The animal's spirit infiltrates the clan member's body like a forceful muse to guide every cut of the blade. During this process, the artist's movements are almost instinctual. The animal's spirit takes over and vanishes in an instant when the instrument is complete. This is a very exciting moment when the Anurai discover the instrument's sound for the first time. The sound is said to be an expression of gratitude from the animal to their creator. It is an expression of thanks for creating a piece of art that allows their voice to live on. It is said a Na'vi could use a bone flute to call upon the Great Leonopteryx.[1]

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