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The Na'vi Translator in its packaging with collectable translator cards

The Na'vi Translator is a toy sold in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Product Description[]

The Na'vi Translator is a learning aid for the Na'vi language, assisting in learning proper Na'vi pronunciation by inserting special collectable cards into the device. The Na'vi Translator comes pre-packaged with fifteen cards, with ninety total cards available to collect. The toy also features a clasp that extends up to 12 inches that can be attached to a belt or a backpack and a built-in flashlight, useful for exploring Pandora: The World of Avatar and the rest of Animal Kingdom at night.

Card types[]

Additional color-coded cards for the Na'vi Translator can be found in booster packs, with varying levels of rarity. Booster packs have eight randomly selected cards. Cards can also be found through special promotions, like the Shaman of Songs card given out to D23 Gold members in the Summer 2017 issue of D23 Magazine.[1] Pandora Cast Members give out exclusive silver color cards that can only be obtained from them during a Pandora: The World of Avatar visit. There are 90 cards in all to collect.[2]


Examples of booster pack cards, featuring stills from the first movie.

Card types that can be found in booster packs include:

  • Nouns (Blue color) - Common
  • Adjectives (Purple color) - Common
  • Animals (Orange color) - Less common
  • Phrases (Aqua color) - Less common
  • Landscapes (Tan color) - Less common
  • Plants (Green color) - Rare
  • Gear (Yellow color) - Rare


The Na'vi Translator was made by product developer Cody Hampton, who worked with Lightstorm Entertainment and Na'vi language creator Paul Frommer on getting spoken word Na'vi samples for the toy. In the storyline for Pandora: The World of Avatar, the toy is an actual Na'vi translator created by Alpha Centauri Expeditions founder Marshall Lamm. With that in mind, the words and phrases chosen for the Na'vi translator were chosen similarly to what the most common words and phrases a visitor on a foreign country would use on Earth.

Frommer's voice can be heard speaking the Na'vi samples on the card and on the device's tutorial mode that activates the first few times the device is activated with no card inside.[3][4]