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Hallelujah Mountains

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Ni'awve (first clan)

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Avatar: The Mobile Game

Very old clan, the Ni'awve.

The Ni'awve clan was the first ever Na'vi clan. They reside in the Valley of Origins and their clan leader is Tsu'hak. Ni'awve clan made contact with humans when they found Ryan Lorenz near the Tree of Souls. Since Ryan had a vision of a possible future, the Ni'awve saw him as a chosen one. Ryan Lorenz helped them a lot during his time there and the Ni'awve taught him the way of the Na'vi. After Ryan's death he was seen as a hero of the Ni'awve clan.

Valley of Origins

Valley of Origins

In the mobile game, Jake and Neytiri were able to rescue Tse'huk, the new leader of the Ni'awve clan, from the Unobtanium Mine. There are numerous totems dotted around the world seen in the Mobile game, which may have been built by this clan.

Notable Members Edit

Atanwey - Clan's shaman who was captured by humans and saved by Ryan.
Eywaftia - She cares for a thanator baby, and asked to find 10 healing plants.
Frapohu Profile
Frapohu - Mate of Maweytakuk, also a hunter.
Maweytakuk Profile
Maweytakuk - Na'vi hunter.
Niwintul Profile
Niwintul - Young Na'vi boy who was trapped by viperwolves and rescued by Ryan Lorenz.
Sevineyo Profile
Sevineyo - Speaks very bad English. Asked Ryan Lorenz to find 10 Prolemuris in the village, for her baby brother who is soon to be born.
Sevineyo's Mother Profile
Sevineyo's Mother - She asks Ryan Lorenz to save her daughter and Niwintul from viperwolves.
Tsamlok - Na'vi warrior who tests Ryan Lorenz.
Tse'huk Profile
Tse'huk - Leader of Ni'awve in the (non-canonical) mobile game.
Tsu'hak - Leader of Ni'awve in the iOS/Android game.


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