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Old Depot
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The Old Depot is a ruined RDA base in the Hanging Gardens region. The site was abandoned in 2147, along with the other installations in the region. There is the remains of a pressurized shack, which has had its doors ripped off and windows smashed. There is also a large tent like structure which is still intact. A security fence encompasses the area, but there is a huge hole torn through it. Near the security fence is a GMI Unit. The area connects to Little Dip and Hotch's Pot in the south.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder travelled there on his mission in the region, and activated two repulsor pods to keep roving viperwolves away from the abandoned base. After the area was safe, Batista arrived on a buggy, and asked Ryder to retrieve a set of detonators from the old crash site, then give them to Winslow stationed at the Drop. This was necessary because the existing detonators for the explosives had rusted. He passed through the area once again on the way back to the Drop.