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A shot from the documentary, showing the Alpha Centauri system

Earth as seen from orbit

Pandora Discovered is a brief documentary that was produced for the website Pandorapedia, it was released online on December 10th, 2009[1]. While the documentary was mainly put together using footage from the first film, the documentary did feature several new shots as an introduction, notably the first orbital image of Earth seen in the series. Voice-over was provided by Sigourney Weaver.


The documentary begins with a brief montage of Pandora, followed by a stellar map and diagrams of the star system. It goes on to describe the rainforest and the animals that inhabit it; the rainforest is said to be similar to that which formerly covered the Amazon basin, but several times larger.

It describes animals such as the direhorse, banshee and great leonopteryx, as well as smaller land animals such as viperwolves. It describes the geology of Pandora; the prevalence of unobtanium, and its importance to the floating structures that decorate its skies. From there it moves into bioluminescence and the neural connection that life on Pandora holds.

"Pandora... One can only think of its namesake in Greek Mythology. The box has been opened. Amidst the savage terrain and fierce creatures, we must assume this strange bewitching place might hold something inside itself for us all. Hope... for our race... for our planet... and for the future of all living things."

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The video embedded on the main page of the Pandorapedia site.


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