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Pandora Utility Suit
Machine Information
Created by

Pandora Conservation Initiative

Used by


  • Traversing Pandora
  • Collecting samples
  • Studying Pandoran wildlife
Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pandora: The World of Avatar

The Pandora Utility Suit (or Utility Suit) is a machine used by Pandora Conservation Initiative members to protect themselves from Pandoran hazards while doing ecological research.[1] The Utility Suit, commissioned by Alpha Centauri Expeditions and also used by their employees, is a highly modified and advanced version Amplified Mobility Platform suit used by the Resources Development Administration. The Utility Suit features a streamlined design with no protective cockpit and is only used for peaceful research and study.[2][3] The Utility Suit is also informally referred to as the Ute Suit.[3]

An ACE employee using the Pandora Utility Suit as part of conservation efforts in the Valley of Mo'ara

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Utility Suit was created by Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Michael Curry Studios, and Walt Disney Imagineering.[4]
  • The Utility Suit made its Pandora: The World of Avatar debut on April 22, 2018, the anniversary of the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Sneak preview testing of the suit in Pandora was done on April 8, 2018.[5]

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