Jake tapping into the "Network"

The Tree of Souls, one of the moon's access points

The Pandoran Neural Network is a complex arrangement where all the flora and fauna of Pandora communicate.

On the moon of Pandora, all living organisms – both flora and fauna – are connected by a neural network. This network can be accessed by animals and the Na'vi by using their queues. This network is a result of high electro magnetic forces from the local stars and the close proximity to the gas giant Polyphemus. The neural network is a collection of electro chemical connections between the trees on Pandora; there are 104 connections between each tree and there are 1012 trees on Pandora. This results in an organic "super brain" called Eywa that has 1016 connections, or approximately 20–100 times as many as the human brain, which can have between 1014 and 5x1014 connections between neurons.

This network is used by the Na'vi to domesticate species that would have taken years to do so by conventional human means. The network can be accessed at several different known hubs (e.g. the Tree of Souls, the Tree of Voices), at which the Na'vi can access memories, experiences, and possibly even the consciousnesses of their ancestors, giving them an irrevocable link to their past.

Eywa Provides[edit | edit source]

In Na'vi mythology, this network is considered to be their gateway to Eywa, the Na'vi equivalent of a deity. Eywa supposedly controls and balances out the ecosystem of Pandora, which would correspond with the scientific theory of pathways interconnecting every organism on the moon.

This gives rise to the saying "Eywa Provides", the idea that Eywa aids creatures on the surface in order to benefit the ecosystem. This has been seen to occur several times, most notably during the Assault on the Tree of Souls, when Eywa spurred the Pandoran wildlife into aiding the Na'vi.

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