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The Pandoran Research Foundation (PRF) is an organization dedicated to the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of information about Pandora. The PRF is also vested in conservation and education efforts targeting Earth's citizens.[1]


PRF member and Avatar Program scientist Norm Spellman appears in Avatar: Discover Pandora

Originally a result of the collaboration between the Resources Development Administration and leading Earth's scientists to discover uses for Pandoran resources on Earth, the PRF eventually became a major authority on knowledge about the planet.[2] Scientists from the Avatar Program are also part of the PRF[3], having curated the Avatar: Discover Pandora exhibit.[4] The PRF still has a working partnership with the RDA.[1]

The PRF is based on both Earth and Pandora, in various locations.[2] As part of their public outreach, they created the Avatar Network, which allows external experts and civilians interested in Pandora to help contribute to the PRF knowledge base.[2] The PRF shouldn't be confused with the Pandora Conservation Initiative, which has similar research and public outreach goals but focuses mainly on Pandoran habitat restoration and educating human visitors on Pandora itself.

For the Taiwan leg of Avatar: Discover Pandora, signing up for an account on provided exhibit visitors with a Pandora Research Log profile with badges to earn by exploring the exhibit and a profile questionnaire asking about participants' future involvement in PRF activities. The site was later updated to reflect their partnerships with Alpha Centauri Expeditions and Cirque du Soleil for Pandora: The World of Avatar and Toruk - The First Flight respectively.[5][6] The sections for each PRF sponsored experience include links to informative articles about Na'vi culture and the natural world of Pandora.[6][4][5]

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