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Plantapurpurea cordata - purple heart shaped plant


10 feet (3.05 meters)

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The pitcher (Na'vi name: a'o) is a parasitic plant, drawing water, nutrients and carbohydrates from the roots of surrounding plants. Above ground, it is composed of a single large purple leaf. Human colonists made a habit of collecting the leaves to use as makeshift baseball mitts, but learned from the Na'vi to only do that when they occur in large groups. If the large leaf survives, it signals to the plant that it is a suitable time for flowering. This plant is unique on Pandora, in that almost all of it grows underground. The large leaf only emerges when the plant has fully matured. If there is enough room for it to expand, it will produce a single flowering stalk, which is very rarely seen.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The plant was named by an ex-Marine with little knowledge of botanical nomenclature. This was because the large leaf naturally collects rainwater, which is safe to drink. Neytiri taught this to Jake Sully during his first few days with the Omaticaya clan.

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