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Puffball Tree
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Obesus rotundus - fat and round


15 meters


6 meters

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The puffball tree (Na'vi name: rumut) is a plant from the same genus as the puffer, puff daddy and vein pod.


The tree is tall with orange globular structures supported by the branches. They are filled with hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide, which can cause them to explode if provoked. The plant is very important in Pandora's eco-system, because of these structures. They absorb toxic gases like life-size vacuoles in plant cells, as well as excess sodium in the soil. When they are large enough, they break free of the plant and float upwards.


The Na'vi harvest the leaves because of their salty taste. They also use them to feed livestock. They have learned to be careful of the gaseous balls, due to their explosive nature.[1] Because of its sodium absorbing properties, humans have brought samples of the plant back to Earth, for potential use in areas where overfarming has left soils salty and useless.

First-time adventurers often mistake puffball trees for banshee eggs due to the scale-like leaf patterns on the balls.[2]

Avatar: Pandora Rising[]

The puffball tree is featured as a troop for the Na'vi faction in Avatar: Pandora Rising. It is an Uncommon building type troop. When placed on the battlefield, the puffball tree will periodically fire sets of two puffball pods directly ahead of itself until it expires or is destroyed. The pods explode and deal damage when they are destroyed or impact an enemy troop or building.



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