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The RDA Mountain Base is a facility in the Northern Mountains in the north east of the Plains of Goliath. The only entrance is in the south, which leads into the mountains themselves before connecting to Delta Line. Considering its isolation from the rest of the plains, the base is fairly large, sporting two helipads and several shacks; the larger helipad is able to support a Dragon Assault Ship. It is defended by automatic turrets and patrolling Scorpion gunships.

Avatar: The Game[]

If allied with the RDA, the Mountain Base is the SecOps' primary staging area in the Northern Mountains. Able Ryder journeys here to receive orders from one of the RDA's commanders, Savoy, in regards to the termination of Na'vi leader Raltaw, who is located in Din Da'alo Village.

After killing Raltaw, Ryder returns to the Mountain Base to report this success to Savoy. Ryder is then congratulated by the newly-arrived Colonel Quaritch, who loans Ryder a Dragon Assault Ship for his journey to Tantalus.