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Pandora ROVR

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The ROVR was a remotely-operated ground vehicle used during humanity's initial landings on Pandora. At least three were dropped on the surface of the moon; the first two by ISV Bradbury, and a third by the ISV Venture Star in 2084 for some preliminary investigations on the surface. The craft traversed an area sixty meters wide, bringing back the first pictures of many plants and animals such as the Direhorse and the Thanator.

Design[edit | edit source]

The ROVR features a crane-like arm for imaging, and four wheels. The craft is shielded by a DP-64 Drop Pod during landing, a tetrahedral casing. The suspension system vaguely resembles the Rocker Bogie arrangement, a design used in all real-world Mars rovers since 2004.

The real-world designers of the ROVR, a games company named Multiverse, were inspired by the existing Spirit and Opportunity rovers that at the time were exploring the surface of Mars. Those rovers also featured tetrahedral landing mechanisms.

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