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Ralu is a Na'vi of the Omatikaya clan who lived around 3000 years before Avatar.

He is a natural born leader, a doer and a thinker with a heart of gold. Along with Entu and Tsyal, he ventured into the Hallelujah Mountains in order to tame a Great Leonopteryx.[2]


Ralu in A Visual Exploration

Ralu, member of the Omatikaya Clan, is the son of a formidable hunter who taught him exceptional focus and discipline. Ralu is a sensitive and compassionate boy on the brink of adulthood. Although he is only 14 years old (in Earth years), there is a calm and quiet force about him that underscores his carefree attitude. Always on the lookout for his childhood friend and protégé Entu, Ralu is a natural born leader. Whenever the going gets tough, he channels all his energy and skills into the challenge at hand and invariably gets the job done. Just ask Entu, whom Ralu once saved from certain death by luring away a Thanator during archery practice deep in the rainforest. No wonder everybody rallies behind Ralu – his is a doer and a thinker with a heart of gold.[3]

In search of the artifacts[]

At the age of 14, Ralu and Entu simultaneously approached the hunter initiation ritual. Ralu passed the ritual without problems and received the blessing of the shaman, who presented him with a figure of Toruk as a symbol of strength. Meanwhile, Entu could not cope and, ashamed, fled from the Omatikaya Clan.

Ralu then undergoes the ceremony led by the Shaman, singing a mesmerizing hymn to the great winged predator. But the ceremony is interrupted by an earthquake and the Shaman receives a vision that the sacred Tree of Souls will be destroyed by the eruption of a volcano and Ralu is sent. Some time later, Ralu found Entu near the Tree of Voices, they connected and heard the voices of their ancestors. It was then that they received a prophecy according to which they should gather five artifacts from five different clans necessary to fraternize with the Great Leonopteryx and since they already had one of them; the figure of Toruk, which Ralu received when he became a hunter.

And so the two friends set out on their journey across Pandora. They were soon joined by Tsyal of the Tawkami Clan, who saved them from the Viperwolves and provided them with the Tranquil Seed the second artifact. Together, they then visited the clans Tipani, from whom they received their shield, Anurai, from whom they took the musical bone, and Kekunan, who gave them a horseman's mask. The latter also took them to the habitat of the Toruk, in the Hallelujah Mountains.

From the beginning, Ralu was going to be the one to try to tame the Toruk, but he was injured during the climb and was unable to continue the task. Therefore, with all the artifacts, he gave this task to Entu. Meanwhile, Tsyal took care of him and the two became very close. Eventually, it was Entu who became the first Toruk Makto in history, and Ralu welcomed him back to the Omatikaya with great joy and pride in saving the Tree of Souls.


Ralu Pandora Rising Art

Unused art from Avatar: Pandora Rising

  • There was some artwork of Ralu in the game files of Avatar: Pandora Rising, but he was not a playable Commander before the game shut down.


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