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Avatar: The Game NDS

The Ravenous Plant is a synthetic modification of one of Pandora's deadliest plants. Dr. Ossman's research agitated the plant, forming a huge organism with club-like tendrils. It also spits green spores, which are exceedingly toxic. The only known example existed in an RDA base at the back of the Hammerhead Graveyard.

The plant constists of one central stem with two tendril like appendages; each of these three sections has a red bud hidden within the leaves. It is from the bud that the toxic spores are ejected; however the buds are also a weak point.

Avatar: The Game (NDS)[edit | edit source]


Nok was forced to fight a ravenous plant after being trapped by Ossman's electric fences. He was able to smash it to pieces with his Maul, clearing a path to the exit.

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