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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

A ruined passageway near the exit

The Rehabilitation Center is a complex that the RDA built in the Torukä Na'rìng region. They used the center to experiment on Pandoran animals, so that they could be controlled from a distance. It has two entrances, one leading into Greenwalk and the other into the Vu'long Trail.

Avatar: The Game[]

Numerous Na'vi warriors attempted to kill the animals inside, and by the time Able Ryder arrived several of the warriors were fighting in the entrance, using a dead hammerhead titanothere as cover. Beyda'amo instructed Ryder to kill the "abominations" created by the experiments, which included two thanators.


  • DBI Logo

    DBI Trackmate has had its hand in creating the Rehabilitation Center. Its logo can be seen on the back of the labels on the fences if the player manages to climb out of the stage. Trackmate are also known to have produced the Trackmate Microscope.