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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Dr. René Harper is one of the main characters of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. In the game, he is the chief of the RDA's Avatar Program. After several years on Pandora, Harper bonded with many Na'vi. He understands their lifestyle and sees the destructive nature of the operations of RDA.


Harper's Avatar

Born on the vast man-made atolls off Bermuda, young René Harper was fast-tracked to the very best RDA-funded universities. His seemingly uncanny ability for foreign languages and dialects soon had him on the radar as a top candidate for the xenolinguist posting on the distant moon of Pandora.

Ten years into his mission, Harper has proven his worth as a top notch xenolinguist in the Avatar Program. Specializing in the primitive Na'vi language of the moon’s native inhabitants, his primary mandate is to accelerate the Na’vi’s understanding of human languages, thus minimizing unwanted misunderstanding between the two cultures. Harper was instrumental in the formation of the Na’vi school and was one of the core instructors in educating the Na’vi on human language and customs.

Early in the Avatar video game, it is discovered that Dr. Harper covertly sided with the Na'vi and informed them of vital RDA activities. RDA corners Dr. Harper, and the player is ordered by Commander Falco to shoot Dr. Harper for treason, but Harper angrily attempts to persuade the player to join the Na'vi.


In the Na'vi storyline, Harper is killed during The Battle of Vayaha Village when a Dragon Assault Ship crash lands on top of his avatar link bed. The Na'vi attempt to transfer his conscious mind into the avatar body, but are unsuccessful.

If the player chooses to side with the RDA, his avatar shoots and nearly kills Dr. Harper's avatar, but his avatar is killed in turn by an arrow fired by Harper as he falls off a cliff. However, Harper survives the fall and escapes. The player (as a human RDA grunt) eventually tracks down the location of Harper's avatar, his psionic link facilities, and those of two other rogue scientists. After killing both the avatar and human forms of the two rogue scientists, the player finally kills the avatar and human forms of Dr. Harper.


  • "Is that what you're here for? Find the mole. Well you did it. I'm the mole. Great work, Ryder. I smell promotion in the air."
  • The Na'vi could use you. It's now or never. We're two avatars against these guys... We can take them. Let's do it right now. Right now!