Repulsor Pod
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Repulsing animals

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Repulsor Pods emit a high frequency sonic pulse used to inhibit the wildlife of Pandora. The sound is harmless to humans, but is highly effective in deterring predators. The RDA use them on Pandora to keep animals away from key locations. A similar piece of technology is used on the roof of control towers to keep avian creatures from perching on them.


So far, repulsor pods have only been seen in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. A number of them have been deployed in the Blue Lagoon, to temporarily patch holes in the security fence which keeps the more dangerous animals out of the area. Several of them had been tampered with, causing animals to be attracted to the weak points instead of repulsed. Able Ryder was tasked with fixing the repulsors, and got them all operational.


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