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Building Tomorrow.
The RDA's motto

The Resources Development Administration, or RDA, is the main antagonistic organization in the Avatar franchise.

The RDA is the largest single non-governmental organization in human space. Its power is such that it outmatches most Earth governments in wealth, political influence, and military capability. Due to its vast capabilities, the RDA is a leading figure in many aspects of human society (defense, energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, commerce, etc) The RDA has monopoly rights to all products shipped, derived, or developed from Pandora and any other off-Earth location. These rights were granted to the RDA in perpetuity by the Interplanetary Commerce Administration (ICA), with the stipulation that they abide by a treaty that prohibits weapons of mass destruction and limits military power in space.

The RDA first arrived on Pandora for varying reasons including the extraction of rare resources such as unobtanium for uses back on Earth. The organization soon came into contact with the native species of Pandora, the Na'vi and had numerous interactions with them. Unfortunately, the RDA soon became engaged in a violent war with the Na'vi after failed attempts to make peace with them and find a diplomatic solution to prevent any conflict, and resorted to using forceful methods. The war ended with RDA's defeat by the Na'vi and expelled from Pandora with the majority of humans returning to Earth.

However, worsening conditions on Earth led the RDA to return to Pandora fourteen years later in 2168 to establish a permanent colony base there and restart the war with the Na'vi. The RDA now seeks to claim Pandora and make it the new home for humanity, and oppose the Resistance.




A propaganda poster for the Resources Development Administration, the leader in pioneering outerspace development.

With 263 million shareholders, the RDA is the oldest and largest of the quasi-governmental administrative entities (QGAEs), but its origins are far more modest. The entity that would become the RDA was little more than a Silicon Valley garage startup in the early 21st century, when its two founders borrowed money from friends and family to begin the company.[1]

After only a few decades, with its enormous shareholder base and massive influence, the company vastly expanded its branches, giving it the capital and stature for numerous global technological and urban development projects. One of these iconic developments included the construction of a world-spanning rapid transit system that would allow entire population groups to conveniently commute hundreds or even thousands of miles to perform work where it was needed, without impinging on the cultural values of host populations. The success of the venture led to the current global network of maglev trains that require the superconductor material known as unobtanium for their continued operation.

Additionally, the RDA expanded to the skies, creating hundreds of orbiting factories on Earth's moon, Mars, and the solar system's asteroid belts. However, these factories somehow caused a pollution of toxins to frequently rain down on Earth.[2] The RDA's successful expeditions into space also eventually lead to terraforming and mass colonizing operations on Mars and possibly other celestial bodies in the Sol System.

Colonization and mining of Pandora (2120s)[]

RDA banner

An RDA advertisement

The company's early expeditions to Pandora were seen as a colossal risk; the construction of the ISV Venture Star in the late 21st century alone put enormous strain on capital resources. However with exclusive monopoly rights to unobtanium (which is valued at 20 million dollars per kilogram raw and 40 million dollars processed), and other resource products extracted from Pandora, along with potential profits and revenue streams from exotic items such as countervirals, energy, cosmetics, furniture, textiles, and electronics, the enormous capital investment has paid off.[3] The RDA then began to suppress Terran alternatives for unobtanium and other Pandora-extracted substances, which created a black market which helped to fund terrorist groups.[4]

Boyd holding Mask

Alison Boyd promoting the RDA

Despite this, with the investment paid off and newfound, unprecedented influence, the organization then began rapidly conducting mass resource extraction operations (mining, drilling, lumber, land-clearing, etc) that resulted in those immense profit streams that allowed the RDA to further expand themselves.

Interactions and conflict with the Na'vi (2130s-2153)[]

During the RDA's time on Pandora, they came into contact with the Na'vi which were a blue-skinned humanoid species native to Pandora, namely a clan known as the Omatikaya. Events were generally peaceful at first, with negotiations having been established. However, tensions formed due to the organizations more harmful practices to the environment, one of them being the mining of a mineral known as unobtanium which the RDA had largely been in pursuit of. The Na'vi were against this goal since it violated the Three Laws of Eywa. Even so, the Omatikaya did not interfere and interactions went on with Grace Augustine having founded a schoolhouse to help the two species learn more about each other and strengthen diplomatic ties.

The Avatar Program was developed by RDA scientist Dr. Cordell Lovecraft. Avatars, a hybrid species of the Na'vi mixed with human DNA, were created. Originally created for more efficient workers on Pandora, the Avatar Program was then repurposed to improve communication with the Na'vi, with xenolinguists bridging communication due to the Na'vi's unique language.

At one point, there was an incident involving the accidental contamination in the water which resulted in an ailment in the Na'vi and Avatars later on. This threatened to damage relations between the Na'vi and the RDA but fortunately, this was resolved thanks to the efforts of Grace Augustine.

Tsu'tey (young) holding the body of Sylwanin

Sylwanin's death worsened relations between the RDA and Na'vi.

The murder of the Na'vi Sylwanin te Tskaha Mo'at'ite acted as the catalyst for the RDA's relationship with the Na'vi to worsen. Sylwanin was the tsahìk-in-training for the Omatikaya clan, the sister of Neytiri, and was betrothed to the apprentice clan leader, Tsu’tey te Rongloa Ateyitan.

Tragedy occurred when Sylwanin along with several other students were killed by RDA soldiers at Grace's school after they had attacked and destroyed a bulldozer in protest of the organizations deforestation. As a result, the Omatikaya clan forbid further contact between their clan and the humans, and Grace's school was abandoned. Despite this, the RDA continued its operations led by administrator Parker Selfridge at Hell's Gate, though conflicts continued to escalate until both sides were on the brink of war.

The Ambassador Program (c.2138-2154)[]

TAP black

The Ambassador Program

Throughout the 2140s, the RDA had a program known as The Ambassador Program (TAP) which was meant to create Na'vi diplomats and negotiators for the organization. This would help build peaceful relations and allow for easier access to Pandora's resources from the Na'vi without the financial expense of a prolonged conflict. TAP was created by John Mercer and Alma Cortez, the latter believed the program could be used for good while the former aimed to use it to win the admiration of the organization by any means necessary.

I will protect you

Alma resolves to protect the Sarentu children after the massacre

Unbeknownst to the RDA and other Na'vi clans, however, children had been abducted for the program. Some were from the nomadic Sarentu clan who Mercer had executed with the aid of Sec-Ops soldiers led by Angela Harding. Mercer, Harding, and Cortez hid the truth of how the children were obtained from the RDA by forging reports[5] and a corrosive acid was used to destroy the corpses of the clan while also creating a poisonous gas which prevented anyone from investigating.

The children taken from the clan were kept and raised at TAP's residential school. During their time there, they were pressured to speak English and lose their Na'vi customs and belongings. They were further subjected to various forms of abuse at the hands of Mercer and Harding, while Cortez did what she could to protect them.

RDA-trained Na'vi

A Na'vi learning human weaponry as part of TAP.

As Na'vi and human relations on Pandora soured, the program started leaning towards military and covert skills to be used in a more confrontational landscape. The goal turned to having Na'vi children at the program be raised as humans and eventually turn them against their own kind.

First Pandoran War (2154)[]

In 2154, the RDA's mining operations on Pandora continued while met with resistance with the Na'vi, no longer able to interact with them peacefully. The ancestral Hometree of the Omatikaya resided over one of the largest deposits of unobtanium and so, the RDA needed them to move to extract this resource from the area.

Tree of Voices

The RDA bulldozing the Tree of Voices

Upon Jake Sully's arrival on Pandora, the RDA made one last attempt to find a diplomatic agreement with the Omatikaya and convince them to leave the Hometree, so the organization could mine the unobtanium without interference. This unfortunately failed, however, when Jake revealed that the clan would never be willing to move. With this, the RDA resorted to more forceful means to achieve its goals.

RDA bulldozers arrived at the Tree of Voices prior to this but were halted by Jake Sully who was later reprimanded for his actions. Sometime later, a war party of Na'vi led by one known as Tsu'tey attacked the bulldozers and set them on fire, killing six RDA employees.


The RDA setting the Omatikayan Hometree on fire.

After this, the RDA arrived with aeriel forces to remove the Omatikaya clan from the Hometree. In an initial attempt to do so non-lethally, teargas canisters were deployed first. This, however, led to retaliation from the clan who quickly started fighting back using arrows. The RDA responded to this with lethal force and fired incediary missiles to topple the Hometree. Many Na'vi such as the clan leader Eytukan lost their lives in this traumatic incident. The ones that survived were forced to take refuge at the Tree of Souls.

These events were the tipping point which resulted in a war between the RDA the native Na'vi. The Omatikaya clan refused to allow their land to be subjugated by the RDA anymore and together with other clans and like-minded humans, they aimed to drive the organization away. Jake Sully along with his allies helped the clan prepare to attack the Hell's Gate and meanwhile, the chief of security Miles Quaritch anticipated this and convinced the RDA to lead a preemptive strike. In order to "fight terror with terror" and "blast a crater in their racial memory so deep they won't come within a thousand klicks" of Hell's Gate ever again, the RDA planned to destroy the Tree of Souls which would sever the Na'vi's main connection to Eywa and inflict long-lasting fear and inter-generational trauma. This would also silence the growing uprising and make the Na'vi submissive to the organization.


The Na'vi fighting the RDA in the skies.

A massive battle was fought in the skies of the Hallelujah Mountains and on the ground beneath. Although the RDA appeared to be winning against an Na'vi, a large amount of Pandoran animals started to attack which Neytiri believed was Eywa's retaliation. The organization ultimately lost the battle against the Na'vi and Quaritch lost his life as well.

Neytiri threatens Parker

Neytiri threatens administrator Selfridge.

After the conflict, the RDA was driven off Pandora with a majority of them being sent back to Earth. About 90% of the RDA were forced off Pandora while a select group of human defectors were allowed to remain.[6] Around this time, John Mercer ordered the executions of all TAP students and destroyed the facility in an explosion as a cover up attempt.

During the RDA's absence from Pandora, the company stated that its employees were the victims who were mistreated by the Na'vi and great things were also said about Quaritch.[7][8]

Return to Pandora (2168-2169)[]

Ardmore threat 2

Ardmore broadcasting her threat to the residents of Hell's Gate.

Nearly 14 years later, in 2168, the RDA returned to Pandora for a full-blown recolonization. They aimed to claim Pandora and make it the new home for humanity since Earth was reaching inhospitable levels with numerous human lives trapped there. The organization arrived in ten heavily armed spaceships. The new head administrator Charles Stringer along with general Frances Ardmore threatened the occupants of Hell's Gate to surrender and be given amnesty, or die. This worked for most of the people on Pandora, as over half of them decided to surrender. Instead of doing nothing, Jake along with the Na'vi and humans who were willing to fight attempted to once more drive the RDA away.

Confronting Ardmore

Jake and Neytiri confronting Ardmore.

The group piloted a spaceship directly to the RDA's fleet and threatened to destroy the unobtanium and the various structures as leverage to get the RDA to surrender peacefully. When negotiations were attempted, Jake claimed the RDA would simply never hold their end of a treaty and Ardmore simply replied "we're done here" showing that the organization no longer had interest in any sort of diplomatic solution. However, what Jake and his team did not expect was that a human in their group named Nash McCosker had been secretly working to sabotage the plan.

The Water of Water Burned Forest Still

The RDA setting Pandora's forests and animals on fire during its return

After a violent conflict with the Na'vi on their spaceship, the RDA reclaimed Hell's Gate and began re-colonizing Pandora, setting the forest and the animals ablaze. The surrounding area was destroyed in a matter of moments as troops disembarked and allowing the RDA to set up in this part of the land.

Second Pandoran War against the Resistance (2169-early 2170s)[]

RDA beer

RDA™ beer, such as Viperwolf Ale, that is "freshly brewed on Pandora"

The colonization of Pandora resumed and the RDA constructed a coastal city known as Bridgehead in under a year using advanced technology and tools. These consisted of advanced 3D printers, swarms of spider-like drones, and other massive construction machines. The organization established bases, factories, and other such facilities of varying sizes across Pandora, determined to extract resources and claim Pandora, combating any who oppose them. They developed powerful weaponry and vehicles, and enlisted numerous soldiers to protect their assets. Other products such as food and drinks were created, some of which using Pandora and its natives species as inspiration like Viperwolf Ale.

The Avatar Program had also been restarted with plenty of more avatars produced. Their use expanded from the Sci-Ops branch of the RDA to other branches including Sec-Ops with some joining their ranks as soldiers. A new variation known as Recombinants or Recoms was also created. These were originally human soldiers who were killed during the first war but prior to this, had their minds copied and uploaded into clone Na'vi bodies.

The RDA at some point discovered that the tulkun, a highly intelligent whale-like species. They soon learned of the yellow liquid called amrita contained within this species and that it had the power to halt aging. This made it the most wanted resource on the moon since unobtanium and the RDA began whaling operations in order to kill the tulkun and harvest their amrita.

Opposing the RDA, are the Resistance which consists of Na'vi and like-minded humans. Their goal is to prevent the colonization of Pandora by the RDA and once more drive the organization away from the moon. They lead a series of guerilla operations against the RDA, attacking their bases, transports, and supply lines. The efforts of the Resistance have managed to deal at least some damage to the operations of the RDA and in response to this, the organization had labeled them as eco-terrorists and aims to neutralize them. The RDA also sought to kill Jake Sully due to his role as leader of the Resistance and influence with the Na'vi.

Colonization of the Western Frontier[]

Teamwork makes the dream work :D
An RDA employee in a memo
FOP Base

The RDA polluting Pandora again

By 2169, the RDA had expanded its operations into the Western Frontier.[9] Meanwhile, John Mercer also returned to seek revenge and spearheads this branch. Under his leadership, the RDA constructed numerous bases across this part of Pandora, many of which were shown to be polluting the environment with plant life around the region becoming shriveled and dying out. A member of the Sarentu clan would fight with a division of the Resistance and allied Na'vi clans in the Western Frontier would actively fight against the RDA, eventually shutting down their operations and repelling them from the region.


Science Operations[]

SciOps logo Reckoning
Main article: Science Operations

The Science Operations (SciOps) is comprised of current and former scientific, scholarly and other intellectual personnel from Earth, whether seasoned or newly trained, now serving as a research group on Pandora. They handle the Avatar Program.

Mining Operations[]

The Mining Operations (abbreviation unknown) is comprised current and former mining and construction personnel from Earth, now serving as a labor force on Pandora. They handle extraction of resources on Pandora such as fuel, certain bio-materials, and unobtanium, although they have also been engaged in mining to create materials such as steel and concrete in order to continue their re-colonization. Their mining vehicles are the Bucket Wheel Excavator, the bulldozer, and many other vehicles.

Security Operations[]

SecOps logo

Sec-Ops emblem.

Main article: Security Operations

The Security Operations (Sec-Ops) is now serving as the company's private security company on Pandora. They are comprised of former military personnel from Earth and civilians with/out prior training or tactical/combat background recruited and trained by the company itself through Sec-Ops programs. The RDA's Sec-Ops strength and operational capabilities significantly surpass most other military forces on Earth, and includes large interstellar ships, walkers, and heavily armed infantry.

Air fleet

The RDA-owned Sec-Ops fleet of aircraft

Some of its ships include the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, Scorpion Gunship, Dragon Assault Ship, Valkyrie shuttlecraft, and many other vehicles. Its ground forces include Amplified Mobility Platforms and infantrymen. They receive their supplies from Earth by interplanetary supply ships, such as the ISV Venture Star ship, and even bigger vehicles. Their fast and lightly armored vehicles include the Swan, the Buggy, and the ATV Grinder vehicle. Their water-related vehicles include the Gator and the RDA Boat.

Weapons and equipment for Sec-Ops is provided to the RDA by Hirte and Fahl Arms Manufacturing Ltd., Masa-Cirre Ltd. and the Matanza Arms Corporation.

Despite these hardwares and softwares, Sec-Ops couldn't use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) such as nuclear weapons due to a treaty prohibiting these weapons as well as limiting an regulating the RDA's military space power, in the Outer Space Treaty mandate set by the United Nations.[citation needed]

Cetacean Operations[]

Sea Dragon

The S-76 SeaDragon, an RDA marine vessel

Main article: Cetacean Operations

The Cetacean Operations (Cet-Ops) is the marine arm of the RDA's presence on Pandora. Its fleet consists of various vessels for marine and submarine operations and commercial whaling used to fund the RDA's colonization effort during its return to Pandora and extraction of amrita from tulkun.


Main article: CON-DEV

CON-DEV is an administrative entity of the RDA established after 2154, whose role is to strengthen cooperation between construction companies and other entities working on the construction of the city base in Bridgehead. CON-DEV is responsible for all construction work on the territory of Bridgehead City, in charge of hexbots, robotic cranes and construction airships.



When the RDA first came to Pandora, weapons were brought to allow for self-defense against the native fauna and other such threats. However, events eventually caused the RDA to take a more offensive approach which ultimately led to the Pandoran War.

Upon the company's return to the moon and the second war, the RDA started to develop far more powerful armaments to use against the Na'vi.


The RDA designed and manufactured numerous vehicles for traversing the environment on Pandora. All kinds of vehicles were created and adapted for the many different terrains of Pandora.

Interstellar Vehicles[]


The Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star

The Interstellar Vehicles, or ISVs, are the only known way to travel between Earth and Pandora. There are at least twelve ships transporting cargo and crew between Pandora and Earth, seven at the same time.[10] However, the later task force of General Frances Ardmore used ten in its invasion to establish Bridgehead. By then, every vessel was armed to the teeth, making them de facto warships.[11]

Treatment of Animals[]

Animals fire

Animals fleeing the fire in Avatar: The Way of Water

Reckoning animals

Animals in cramped cages in Avatar: Reckoning

Paskalin dies

Minang mourning P'asuk

Apart from treating the Na'vi and environment poorly, the RDA has been involved with ethically controversial practices regarding Pandora's animals which involve animal cruelty, abuse and neglect:

  • When the RDA first landed on Pandora during its return, its ships likely roasted thousands of animals to death in the forest fires they caused.
  • After its return to Pandora, the RDA legalized poaching across the Western Frontier.[9]
  • The organization is known to abduct animals from their families and cage them for undisclosed lengths of time in claustrophobic cramped cages.
  • In an audio log by John Mercer, it is mentioned the RDA aims to make Pandora safe for new settler, and as such, intends to cull predators. However, it is also mentioned the RDA wants to make leisure hunting an activity.
  • The RDA is involved with animal testing and has cruelly experimented on animals; they had a project known as the Feral Project in an attempt to train animals to be vicious killers that could be controlled. For example, thanators and viperwolves had traumatic surgeries performed on them. Their kuru, their sensitive neural whips, were forcefully removed.[12] This has resulted in them exhibiting erratic behavior, not only severing their connection to Eywa but also with other animals. (See also: Controlled Animal)
  • The RDA does not care if Na'vi view animals like their family members or spirit siblings, and will hunt and exploit them regardless to harvest their resources, seen in cases such as Ro'a and P'asuk.

In non-canon media[]

Earth Syndrome

An animal killed by Earth Syndrome

Note: This section contains information from the non-canon 2009 video games.
  • When humans arrived on Pandora, animals began to mysteriously die of a virus dubbed Earth Syndrome, causing mass suspicion that the virus was spread by bacteria on humans themselves. Despite the potential danger that humans could pose to the wildlife, Parker Selfridge told Conrad Olson they would choose not to report on the virus until it was known for sure what the cause was, endangering the lives of many animals.
  • It is said that tapirus often ends up on the Hell's Gate cafeteria menu, suggesting the RDA may be breeding them in slaughterhouses.
  • Sec-Ops is shown to be blunt and lacking humane protocols; when Tan Jala asked a group of sturmbeest to be euthanized, Able Ryder, a new RDA member, "euthanized" them by firing dozens of bullets at them which goes against the point of euthanasia (seen here). Trinity Harper also brutally killed a Hammerhead Titanothere.
  • Some RDA members openly slaughter Pandora's animals. Angela Henrick, for example, killed a titanothere and posted a selfie of her with its corpse to her social media.

Notable Members[]


Name Status Occupation Portrait
Miles Quaritch Deceased (human)

Alive (Recom clone)

Chief of Security
Parker Selfridge Alive Former head administrator
Lyle Wainfleet Deceased (human)

Alive (Recom clone)

Sean Fike Deceased Mercenary
Sean Fike
Trudy Chacón Deceased Formerly Samson pilot
Trudy Chacon
Venture Star Crew Chief Unknown Warrant officer
Scott Lawrence as Venture Star Crew Chief
Dragon Gunship Pilot Deceased Dragon Pilot
Dragon Gunship Pilot
Shuttle Pilot Deceased Valkyrie shuttle pilot
Shuttle Pilot
Tractor Operator Unknown RDA Bulldozer Operator Tractor
009AVT Kevin Dorman 001
Dragon Gunship Co Pilot Deceased Dragon co-Pilot
Dragon Gunship Co Pilot
Shuttle Co-Pilot Deceased Valkyrie shuttle co-pilot
Shuttle Co-Pilot
Lock Up Trooper Unknown Cell surveillance soldier
Lock Up Trooper
Dragon Gunship Navigator Deceased Dragon Navigator
Dragon Gunship Navigator

Avatar: The Way of Water[]

Name Status Occupation Portrait
Frances Ardmore Alive General
Ardmore TWOW
Mick Scoresby Alive SeaDragon captain
Mick Scoresby
Ian Garvin Alive Xenomarine researcher
Ian Garvin
Ward Unknown SeaDragon pilot
Ward 2
Charles Stringer Alive Current head administrator
Jocelyn Alive Former RDA employee
Neytiri's Victim Deceased (Killed) Cet-Ops employee
Neytiri Victim


Name Status Occupation Portrait
Nash McCosker Unknown Former RDA employee
Katherine Hale Unknown Former RDA employee
Hale comic
Earl Unknown Former RDA employee
Earl Comic
Shad Unknown Former RDA employee
Paz Socorro Deceased Scorpion pilot
Mary Unknown Former RDA employee
Wu Mingxia Alive Former Valkyrie pilot
Meg Elkins Deceased Former RDA employee
Meg compound
Josh Winslow Deceased Former RDA employee
Winslow comic

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game - Wii/PSP - DS - iOS/Android (non-canon)[]

Name Status Occupation Portrait
Able Ryder Alive Signal specialist
Karl Falco Deceased Commander
Kendra Midori Alive (Na'vi route)

Deceased (RDA route)

Victor Monroe Deceased (RDA route) Senior science officer
Victor Monroe
Winslow Deceased (Na'vi route) Captain
Winslow The Game
Batista Alive Explosive specialist
Dalton Unknown Private
Jezik Unknown Infantryman
Fulson Unknown Commander
Savoy Unknown Quartermaster
Welles Unknown Operations specialist
Cheevers Unknown Specialist
Kensington Unknown Occupation unknown
Magnusson Unknown Occupation unknown
Buckland Unknown Occupation unknown
Olewski Unknown Samson pilot
AMP suit pilots Unknown AMP suit pilots
AMP Suit Pilots
Field medics Unknown Field medics
Field Medic
Hell's Gate medics Unknown Hell's Gate medics
Miners Unknown Miners
Scientists Unknown Scientists
Technicians Unknown Technicians
Conrad Olson Deceased General
Sean Wallen Deceased Major
Sean Wallen Unmasked
Anthony Ossman Unknown Scientist
Lawrence Unknown Private
Mel Unknown Private
Ryan Lorenz Deceased Formerly Captain
Ryan Lorenz
John Cage Deceased Major
John Cage Profile

Avatar: Pandora Rising (non-canon)[]

Name Occupation Portrait
Abel Stojack Occupation unknown
Stojack Portrait
Alejandra Castro Mining engineer, mineralogist
Castro Portrait
Alexis Riviera-Jones Supply chief
Riviera-Jones Portrait
Angela Henrick Occupation unknown
Angela Henricks Portrait
Bill Onozuki Occupation unknown
Bill Onozuki Portrait
CJ Occupation unknown
Chizue Sakai Occupation unknown
Sakai Portrait
Danielle Casey Occupation unknown
Casey Portrait
Dele Balogun Occupation unknown
Balogun Portrait
Eliza Drennek CEO
Drennek Portrait
Jeremiah Smith Occupation unknown
Jeremiah Smith Portrait
Kamath Doctor
Kamath Portrait
Katherine Hale Captain
Kevin Michaels Captain
Michaels Portrait
Marcus Freeman Warrant officer
Marcus Freeman Portrait
Maria Leon RDA Archeologist
Maria Leon Portrait
Mason Williams Flamethrower operative
Williams Portrait
Murat Buldan Occupation unknown
Buldan Portrait
Nadine Reza Zoologist
Reza Portrait
Nasier Dubois Major
Nasier Dubois Portrait
Nic Alihatar Master sergeant
Alihatar Portrait
Rick Connors Mining operation boss
Connors Portrait
Trina Shen Robotics engineer
Shen Portrait
Victor Morgado Occupation unknown
Morgado Portrait
Wei Chang Self proclaimed nerd
Chang Portrait
Zoey Kung Commander
Kung Portrait

Avatar: Reckoning (canonicity unknown)[]

Names Status Occupation Portrait
Trinity Harper Alive Administrator
Trinity portrait head
Edmund Langford Alive Professor
Edmund portrait main
Lily Reese Alive Assistant
Lily portrait main
Spencer Alive Member of the RDA's field staff
Eaton Roberts Unknown (possibly deceased) Mining base administrator
Ashley Sloane Alive Sniper
Ashley new
Austin Finlay Alive Occupation unknown
Austin Finlay
Blake Lawson Alive Researcher
Blake Lawson
Hercules Deceased AMP suit pilot
Nathan Gomez Alive Guard trainer
Nathan Gomez
Reid Unknown Samson pilot
Scott Alive Samson pilot
Pilot Scott
Titus McMahon Alive Quartermaster
Titus McMahon
Vince Anderson Alive Occupation unknown
Beethoven new
Victor Rogers Alive Scout trainer
Victor Rogers
Will Murphy Alive Captain
Murphy new
Wolfe Alive Captain
Zeke Hodge Alive Gun instructor
Zeke Hodge

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora[]

Name Status Occupation Portrait
John Mercer Presumed deceased Formerly TAP Administrator

Executive Vice President of Frontier Operations

John Mercer body
Angela Harding Alive Sec-Ops Colonel
Angela Harding in game
Alma Cortez Alive Formerly TAP teacher
Alma Cortez
Priya Chen Alive Formerly
Priya Chen Profile
Alexander Tremayne Alive Formerly
Anqa Salaam Alive Formerly


RDA utopia

A poster for the RDA

  • In the franchise, there have been differing views about the RDA and their practices. Some support them, while others are against them.
    • Many members of the organization believe they are benefiting humanity and are fighting for Earth's future to save their kind.
    • However, the RDA still becomes involved with controversial matters such as genocide, theft, child abduction, environmental damage and animal cruelty in doing so.
  • According to Grace Augustine, the bulldozing of the Tree of Voices on August 18th was supposedly an act intended to provoke the Na'vi and make them the RDA's enemy which could be used to justify further force against them.[13] Whether this was actually true is unclear.
  • Despite their propaganda, it is unknown if the human population on Earth is aware of their more controversial and unethical operations. In Avatar, Parker states the following "There's one thing that shareholders hate more than a bad press..." which would indicate that if they were exposed back on Earth, it would cause a certain degree of outcry.
    • However, in the deleted scene, Jake narrates "I don't want your pity, you want a fair deal, you're on the wrong planet", which would somewhat indicate that humanity has fallen deep into apathy due to the constant degraded conditions and that people by now have gotten numb to the social and geopolitical degradations with it.
  • At an unknown point in time, the RDA collaborated in order to create the Pandoran Research Foundation.
  • In Avatar: The Way of Water, one of the Cet-Ops members has a cartoonish pin-up girl of a recombinant or Na'vi on his vehicle.
    • Some viewers have pointed out that it seems the pin-up is wearing handcuffs.
      Anime girl guns

      The anime girl guns

  • In Avatar: Reckoning, Sec-Ops have some anime girl skins for weapons. This hints the RDA may be trying to use anime girls in order to entice people to join their cause. However, it is unclear if this is canon since the game was cancelled.
  • The RDA can be compared to the Shinra Electrical Power Company from Final Fantasy VII. Both are ethically dubious organizations with similar environmentally harmful practices.
    • Their harvesting of unobtanium and mako energy respectively is seen as controversial.
    • Both are corporations whose activities harm a world where the deceased return to after death (Eywa and the Lifestream).
    • Both the RDA and Shinra have their own city with a circular design: Bridgehead and Midgar.
    • The two groups possess as a bio-engineered army (SOLDIER and Recombinants).
    • An army member kills a main character by a fatal torso injury, who is then given a water burial.
    • Quaritch can be compared to Sephiroth. They burned villages (Ta'unui and Nibelheim) and were once thought to be killed by the main characters via torso injuries (Neytiri shoots Quaritch in the chest using arrows, and Cloud impales Sephiroth with a sword), but they are able to return from death by cloning their consciousness (Recoms use Soul Drives and Sephiroth has Jenova clones).
    • Both companies killed people by dropping their own home during a massive crush (Hometree, Sector 7).
    • Despite all the damage, Gaia is healed by its own Lifestream while Eywa sends the wildlife to keep its nature alive at the end of Avatar; this is suggested to be the result of two women who are within Eywa/the Lifestream (Grace and Aerith). Both Grace/Aerith were also shown to love plants/flowers, and were killed by Quaritch/Sephiroth via torso injuries.
    • Midgar is shown to be covered in moss and greenery in the ending, but voices of children can be heard. This is similar to Hell's Gate being portrayed similarly in the beginning of The Way of Water with child Spider.
  • The RDA can also be compared to the conglomerate Buy n Large from the film WALL-E, another Disney environmentalist film set in the future and involving a dying Earth.
  • The RDA's animal experiments in the video games (attempting to control their minds and behavior using technology) foreshadowed, in reality, Elon Musk's Neuralink Corporation nearly a decade in advance, as sites have claimed the corporation caused over 1500 animals to suffer and die via surgeries and brain implants.[14]
  • While many members of the Avatar fandom dislike the RDA, the RDA is respected by many members of the Warhammer 40,000 fandom.


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