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Rider's Mask
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Eye protection while riding banshees



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The Rider's Mask is a piece of eye-protection worn by banshee riders. These are important when flying, as banshee can reach incredible speeds in flight, particularly during dives. While only the Tawkami produce these masks, the Omaticaya and Kekunan clans are known to employ their use.[1]

Materials and Construction[edit | edit source]

The masks are manufactured by the Tawkami clan , as part of their rite of passage required to gain a banshee. The lenses are made from a plexiglass-like material, cut and shaped by the clan elders to custom-fit each rider. Young clan members spend a consistent sixteen hours polishing their lenses during this rite. The Tawkami are renowned for their knowledge of chemistry, which is of course required to create the glass.[2]

Tawkami Mask

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Neytiri makes use of one during the first film, and the Kekunan usage is attested by the Cirque du Soliel website.

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