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Ryan Lorenz
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Ryan Lorenz

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  • Wife (deceased)
  • Children (deceased)
  • RDA soldier
  • Avatar Driver
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (iOS/Android)

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (iOS/Android)

Ryan Lorenz is the main protagonist of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (iOS/Android), which precedes the Avatar film by 20 years.

Arrival on PandoraEdit

Lorenz served previously as a decorated marine captain. He joined the Avatar Program after his wife and children were killed in an automobile accident. He pulled some strings to be admitted into the program, and was then sent to Pandora.


His first mission as an avatar driver was to explore deeper into the forests of Pandora with the intent of marking unobtanium deposits. While on this mission, he was stranded from his crew, and eventually found his way to the dormant Tree of Souls, looking for a place to safely stash his avatar body. Unaware of the nature of what he had found, he was rendered unconscious. He then had a strange and horrific dream, in which RDA forces began battling with Na'vi forces in a post-apocalyptic version of Pandora, which was in actuality a message from Eywa showing him what would happen to Pandora should the RDA succeed in their plan on Pandora. Later, Ryan's avatar was brought into the Ni'awve clan, where he was seen as a chosen one. He was taught the ways of the Na'vi, and gained himself an ikran. After battling RDA forces who were attacking the Hometree, the clan leader was wounded and captured by RDA forces. Ryan snuck into the RDA camp, hidden in the mountains, where he freed the clan leader. Afterwards, they escaped on Ryan's ikran. After returning to the Hometree, the Na'vi discovered that the RDA was planning to destroy the Tree of Souls, and they left for a battle.

Battle for the Tree of SoulsEdit

After arriving at the Tree of Souls, Ryan destroyed a Dragon Assault Ship's engine, causing it to crash. After escaping the crash, Lorenz was confronted by Major Cage. After a long fight, Ryan killed Cage, and the battle was soon won by the Na'vi.


Not long after, Ryan gathered the Na'vi and led an assault on Hell's Gate. After a brief conversation with the clan leader, and Sylwanin, the attack began. During the assault, an unknown marine attempted to kill Lorenz, who was inside of his link room. A scientist tried to stop him, but he eventually gave in. The marine shot Lorenz, causing his avatar form to die as well. He is still remembered as a hero of the Ni'awve people.


James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (iOS/Android)

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