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Scorpion Thistle
Flora Information


Na'vi Name

Txumpaywll - poison-water plant


Scorpioflora maxima

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The scorpion thistle (Na'vi name: txumpaywll meaning "poison-water plant") is a rare plant on Pandora that produces a single gigantic flower at the tip of an enlarged stem. This plant has coevolved with a particular bird species that is its sole pollinator. This is similar to the highly coevolved plant-insect pollinator relationships on Earth. This plant-bird pollinator coevolution has resulted in both species resembling each other. The beak of the bird fits perfectly into the small opening of the flower, where it locates nectar and in doing so transfers pollen to the plant.

The scorpion thistle has a specialized mechanism to prepare the soil for its own seeds to grow. A highly acidic liquid drops onto the ground below the plant. This liquid dissolves any other living organisms in the spot where it lands and also breaks down rocks and other large particles into a nutrient-rich seed bed. When seeds mature and drop from the flower, they land in this "safe site" and germinate readily under the protection of the parent plant. This highly evolved form of "parenting" has rarely been observed in plants.


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