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Hey, check this out, man. Meals on wheels.
Fike pointing a disabled Jake Sully out to Lyle Wainfleet as the former was on the wheelchair

Private Sean Fike was a SecOps soldier and a mercenary working for the RDA. He was killed in battle against the Na'vi and was brought back as a Recombinant, an avatar implanted with the memories of a human soldier.



Fike is a former marine who is a ballistics expert and he is also lethal in Brazilian jujitsu. A private contractor for SecOps, he is also a champion marksman and talented in stealth, hand-to-hand combat and RDA weapons.[1]

Assault on the Tree of Souls[]

Fike was seen as a friend of Lyle Wainfleet and fought alongside the RDA forces on the ground during the Assault on the Tree of Souls. It is presumed that he was killed in the battle as he would later be revived as a Recombinant.

Return as a Recombinant[]

Zdinarsk helps restrain and calm down Quaritch

Fike restraining Quaritch

Over a decade later, Fike was brought back as a Recombinant as he had backed up his consciousness on a Soul Drive prior to his death. His superior Miles Quaritch began panicking due to being surrounded by what seemed to be Na'vi. Fike, Wainfleet, Zdinarsik and Zhang assisted to hold the colonel in place so he could calm down.

Fike dies

Fike killed by Neytiri shooting him in the head

Fike joined Quaritch's Recom squad and assisted him on his hunt for Jake Sully. He and the other Recoms kidnapped most of the Sully children and held them hostage in the forest, with Fike securing Kiri and Spider. After yelling at Kiri to shut up when she tried praying to Eywa, he inadvertently created a clean shot for Neytiri, who was stalking him nearby. She shot Fike in his right eye with an arrow, killing him a second time making Fike the second member in the squad to be killed again.

In the Games[]

Avatar: Pandora Rising[]


Sean Fike

Sean Fike in Avatar: Pandora Rising

"As another hired mercenary in Quaritch's loyal inner circle of RDA SecOps soldiers, Private Fike finds himself fighting on the side of humanity against what he perceives is a hostile alien world preventing his species from surviving. Knowing that Pandora holds the key to Earth's survival, Fike has no problem taking the fight to the flora, fauna, and native Pandoran inhabitants that stand in the way of the RDA's progress of mining Unobtanium. He can usually be found hanging around with Wainfleet, and the two of them like to share in cruel games of picking off the Tetrapteron as they try to fly over the Hell's Gate walls."[2]


  • Shut up! - The Recom Fike telling Kiri to be quiet when she started praying to Eywa and his last words


  • In the original script of The Way of Water, Zdinarsik took Fike's role and was killed by Neytiri during the forest skirmish. Fike was supposed to live longer and was the one who attacked the Ta'unui Olo'eyktan with his rifle butt. In an unused extended version, Prager does this instead. In the original script, Fike dies during the skirmish at the Three Brothers but it is not specified how.




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