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An RDA SecOps soldier

SecOps soldier concept art

The Security Operations, also called SecOps, is the private military force owned by the RDA. It is their job to keep the civilian personnel safe from the dangers of Pandora.


Propaganda poster

SecOps personnel look constantly outward, toward the perimeter. They are a group of hardened individuals and veterans, who live by the philosophy that sharp eyes, fast hands and loaded, destructive weapons are the keys to survival in the harsh conditions of Pandora.

There are several classes of SecOps soldiers, such as grunts and weapon specialists (heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, rapid-fire nailguns, etc.), medics, AMP suit pilots, HazMat Troopers (troopers with flamethrowers), Elite Troopers, and even special forces Commandos.[1]


Though it is mainly tasked for security and defense, the military capabilities of SecOps far exceeded the armed forces of many Earth governments. The troopers wear thick battle-helmets, exopacks, advanced body armor and carry heavy military-issue weaponry.

Their arsenal of vehicles is also impressive, with their C-21 Dragon Assault Ships possessing the capability to level whole cities with its explosive munitions. In addition, high-tech devices like U-T suicide drones, auto-turrets, and ultrasonic repulsor pods that keep Pandoran wildlife at bay round out their arsenal.[1]

SecOps preparing to deploy

Despite this awesome mix of firepower and technology, the SecOps are not permitted to carry nuclear weapons or other WMDs, their power having been limited by a treaty prohibiting these weapons as well as the RDA's military space power, in a mandate set by the United Nations.

For better dispersal of their logistics capabilities, the RDA has seen to it that the SecOps are rapidly resupplied in the field by the ammunition dispenser pods (a-pods) set up throughout a local battlezone; their access panels are sealed with encrypted locks to prevent those supplies from falling into enemy hands.

Ultrasonic repulsor pods keep out Pandoran wildlife; these are primarily used to patch breached security fences.

Known Personnel[]


  • SecOps shares many similarities with Blackwater, a real-world private military company.