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Pandora (In Hallelujah Mountains)



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Site 26 is a mobile link station located high in the Hallelujah Mountains.

Structure and Purpose Edit


Grace keeps pictures of the kids on the fridge.

The link station at Site 26 was constructed as a means to provide more flexibility during operations of the avatar team on Pandora. It consists of a link shack and a regular shack that are connected via a pressurized walkway. They are held up by four hydraulic bases that automatically engage when the building touches down. The structures are equipped with life support systems, as well as a small scale laboratory for biological research, three link units, a refrigerator with food, sleeping quarters and, presumably, showers.

The containers can be transported using medium and large aircraft, such as the SA-2 Samson.

Usage by Avatar TeamEdit

Site 26 was used by Dr. Grace Augustine, Norm Spellman, Trudy Chacon and Jake Sully after Max Patel informed Grace that Jake was reporting to Quaritch with information on Hometree and the Omaticaya clan. By moving to Site 26, Grace prevented Jake from reporting to Quaritch with further useful information on the Na'vi. Both Norm and Grace would continue to research Pandora's biology (while in both avatar and human form) while Jake continued to learn the ways of the Na'vi from Neytiri, while in avatar form. After Quaritch discovers that Jake damaged the cameras on one of the bulldozers that destroyed the Tree of Voices, Quaritch flies to Site 26 to disable Jake's and Grace's link to their avatar bodies. Quaritch along with his men take Jake, Grace and Norm back to Hell's Gate to incarcerate them.

In The Final BattleEdit

After Dr. Grace Augustine is shot during the escape from Hell's Gate, her team heads to Site 26. With Trudy Chacon piloting her Samson, they transport one of the two containers deep into the forest where the Flux Vortex is strong and the RDA will not be able to find their link site and prevent them from participating in the final battle. The container with the link units was used in the final battle by Jake and Norm while driving their avatar bodies. The container was breached when Quaritch in his AMP suit broke the window in an attempt to kill Jake in his link unit. When Pandora's atmosphere leaked into the container, Jake nearly died when he wasn't able to reach an emergency exopack, but was saved by Neytiri.

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