Site 32
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Skycliffs, Pandora



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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Site 32 is an RDA base on the south end of the Skycliffs, high above the Pandoran surface. The base centers around a link room which can take up to two avatars at any one time. There is also a helipad and a large cargo area.

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The human body of Molly Ossman was stored in the base by her father. She was in a coma and could only interact with the world through her avatar body. Anthony Ossman had been using the base to conduct valuable research on Pandoran animals.

Gregorius also used the link room at the base, and it was through watching him that Nok discovered the nature of avatar bodies. When Dr. Ossman discovered that the base had been compromised, he fled with his daughter in a Samson. Dr. Ossman had been using the cargo area to store caged banshees, so Nok freed them and pursued on the back of one.

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