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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

The Skycliffs are a network of vast floating rocks on Pandora, floating far above the surface. For the na'vi, it is reachable only by banshee because of this. The RDA uses explosives to mine unobtanium in the region, destroying portions of the rocks. The RDA also maintains Site 32 on the south end of the network, a link room and laboratory which is used to study unobtanium.

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Nok is sent to the Skycliffs by the elders of the Tawkami clan. There, he learns about the RDA's mining activities from the local hunters and agrees to help them. During his travels, he meets Molly Ossman who is in an avatar body, but does not realize her human nature and simply believes her to be from a distant clan. After saving her following an explosion, she runs away and forbids Nok from following her.

Nok follows her anyway and discovers a human laboratory. Peering through the roof of the structure, he sees a link room in operation and discovers the human nature of avatars. Dr. Ossman flew away in a Samson with Molly, and Nok gave pursuit on a banshee he had rescued.

Humans presumably returned to the region later, as Mukata relocated to Dusk Valley in order to get away from humans.

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