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Slash Cutter
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Brush clearance for mining operations


Circular blade is 2.74 meters (approximately 9.22 ft.) in diameter



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The Slash Cutter is a huge machine that is used to cut down and remove trees from the forests of Pandora. It is essentially a large tree harvester reminiscent of the machines on Earth. The vehicle is not seen in the movie but is revealed on the AVTR website.

Slash Cutter control center

The Slash Cutter's blade is a Unit NI-40 razor sharp rotating blade made from a diamond hard carbon fiber composite that cuts trees with minimal wear. A large forest can be cut down by just one cutter operating continuously for a few weeks. It cuts trees at a rate of one tree per minute. The blade has angled and beveled teeth to provide maximum cutting efficiency. A liquid hydrogen coolant runs down the cutting arm to prevent the blade from rising above operational temperatures caused by the extreme friction against the trees. Driver cab is auto-assist. The driver cab is protected by a DY-Flex Support.


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