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Sol's Delight
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Calamariphyllum elegans



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Sol's delight (Na'vi name: flefle) is a plant unique to Pandora that is magnetotropic, meaning it is able to detect and orient itself towards a magnetic field. Its large plant body is thick but flexible due to the presence of mucilaginous fibers in the stem, which are specialized cells with unevenly thick cell walls that allow uneven growth of an organ. To the “delight” of the humans on Pandora, sol's delight responds to the magnetism of unobtanium deposits and grows towards their general direction. This trait has been exploited by miners to help in their excavation activities.

Sol's delight was also found to contain a latex substance with great potential for industrial use. Plants were collected and returned to Earth for agricultural testing, but they did not produce the same quality latex in Earth’s atmosphere.

Botanical Description[edit | edit source]

Large exotic looking herb that somewhat resembles a squid. Enlarged stem is topped with long narrow leaves. Contractile roots and flexible stem allow undulating movement of the shoot.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Sol's delight detects and grows in the direction of magnetic fields.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first part of the name, 'Sol', is Latin and Spanish for 'Sun'

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