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South Complex
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The South Complex is an area in the south west of the Kxanìa Taw region. There is a helipad and a link shack with a satellite dish nearby for communications. The area is much more heavily guarded than the other bases in the area, with concrete blockades providing cover for Security Operations forces. There is also a turret in place near the north entrance. A large shack is set up on the far side of the helipad, and it has glass windows that look out over the base. Unlike other shacks in the game, this one can actually be entered as there is no door. There are two ways in: a gate in the north which leads into Middlefield and the path to the south west that connects it to The Ribcage. It is the largest area in the region.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder passed through the south complex on his way towards Zone Control. There is a bloated stem on the rocks above the base, which can be detonated to send rubble crashing down on the defenders.