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Stalker's Valley is a region to the east of the FEBA. It is a meandering S-shaped gulf in the land, containing numerous smaller areas within it. It can be entered from the west end, which sits at the south east corner of the FEBA. The valley is of variable width, in places only just wide enough to comfortably walk through. For the most part the valley walls are tall near-vertical cliffs. The RDA maintains a presence there, with two small bases in the northern stretch.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Avatar: The Game[edit | edit source]

Able Ryder passed through the area on his mission to search for unobtanium shards. He met Olewski there, whose Samson had been destroyed by a thanator. He traversed the entire length of the valley, defeated the thanator and retrieved the unobtanium shard at the north east end. Olewski had procured a fresh vehicle by that time, and was able to airlift him back to the FEBA.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Staker’s Valley is not technically part of the FEBA, loading as a separate map when entered in game.

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