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Scorpiobattus volansii - flying scorpion bat


Purple-blue hues


Wingspan 1.2 meters

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The stingbat (Na'vi name: riti) is a small aerial predator with a highly developed navigational system and four eyes.

Stingbats continue to fly into the range of automated sentry guns that defend the Hell's Gate compound, resulting in constant slaughter. Their diminished cerebral capacity also makes them common prey for larger predators such as the forest banshee, but their prodigious mating habits ensure a steady population. The Na'vi use their tails as plectrums for playing musical bows.[1]


The stingbat has translucent fangs and claws with predominant bioluminescence on the wing membrane and torso. One of the stingbat's features is a scorpion-like tail stinger. Despite their highly developed visual navigational system, their small brain cavity and cerebral cortex inhibits their innate survival mechanisms.

Feeding Ecology[]

The stingbat is an omnivore that feeds on both flora and fauna, preferring rodent-sized creatures, lizards, and fruit. The stingbat usually feeds alone, but will swarm with other stingbats against larger prey such as a small hexapede. They are one of the few animals that can consume the nectar of the centipede, as they are unaffected by the toxins in the glands of the branches around the flower.[2]


  • In the script, one stingbat attempted to attack Jake Sully when he first arrived at Hell's Gate, but it was immediately killed by Lyle Wainfleet.[3] This scene was among the deleted scenes (Stingbat Attack) included as part of the Extended Collector's Edition.
  • The original 1995 script also included a scene during the Assault on the Tree of Souls in which arrows dipped in an attractant cause stingbats to swarm around human soldiers.
  • A stingbat appears on avatar Norm Spellman's i-Tag.
  • Stingbats can be sighted throughout Avatar. Three are seen flying away from Grace's, Norm's, and Jake's avatars from the opposite side of the tree they travel under during their first expedition on Pandora. Several can also been seen at various times while flying around Hometree and during a visit in Grace's abandoned school in the Extended Collector's Edition.


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