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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Swotulu is one of many locations on Pandora that is featured in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.

Translated to English, Swotulu roughly means "Sacred River", but the location is commonly referred to as the "Dust Bowl" by SecOps personnel. The RDA has earmarked this ore-rich territory for major open pit mining operations of unobtanium to fuel the many large-scale machines reliant on the mineral.

The Swotulu is the sacred river of local Tipani clan, where the Na'vi often retreat to seek spiritual guidance. For millennia, the river has been home to tribal Tsahìks who choose to live in solitude, devoting their lives to communing with Eywa and understanding her deep connection to all living things.

Hidden deep within the valley, an entire glade of willow trees is said to flourish - due possibly to a large rift of unobtanium that carves beneath the river bedrock. The Tipani clan holds the willow glade in the Swotulu as a revered site. In the center of the sacred glade lies the Cavern of Songs. Swotulu later became a battlefield in the conflict between the Na'vi and RDA.

The largest settlement in the area is Swotulu Village, in the south east.



  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Dust Bowl".
  • Swotulu is also a multiplayer Capture The Flag map, although with a different layout.


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