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There is good in all. Even among the Sky People, there is sometimes good.

- Sylwanin talking to Neytiri.

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Catherine Taber (game voice)

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (Wii/PSP)

Sylwanin te Tskaha Mo'at'ite was the daughter of Eytukan and Mo'at and the older sister of Neytiri. She was a member of the Omaticaya clan and a Tsahìk-in-training before she was killed.


Early life[]

Sylwanin was born as the eldest child of Eytukan and Mo'at, placing her next in line to be the Tsahìk of the Omaticaya Clan. Later, she was betrothed to Tsu'tey, Eytukan's chosen successor. Although their marriage was arranged, Sylwanin was truly in love with Tsu'tey. At some point, she had presumably undergone Iknimaya, as she was in possession of a banshee.

Meeting Ryan Lorenz and Abduction (James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (iOS/Android))[]

Years before the arrival of Jake Sully, she told the story of an avatar driver named Ryan Lorenz to Neytiri. Sylwanin first met Ryan when he was unarmed and anonymously tossed him a staff. She, with the help of the Ni'awve clan, brought unconscious Ryan, who had gone through the Dream Hunt, to the Valley of Origins. There, she stayed for a while and taught Ryan. In the final chapters of the story, Sylwanin was abducted by a human raiding party and was eventually rescued in a heroic raid by Lorenz and a party of Na'vi. After the rescue, Sylwanin met Dr. Grace Augustine for the first time, and was impressed by her knowledge of the Na'vi.

Encounter with Rai'uk (James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (Wii/PSP))[]

Following the death of Ryan, Sylwanin was inspired by Rai'uk's bravery and sought out his help. As she spoke of a Metal Village destroying her home, the land of the Omaticaya, she mentioned something that ignited his fury. She told him about humans who wore Na'vi skin and who were teaching the People their ways and language. The humans called them avatars. Fueled by hate, the warrior agreed to meet Sylwanin at the school where the avatars taught the People. Sylwanin told Rai'uk the location of the human base. Dr. Grace Augustine then stepped out of the school, and Rai'uk got angry at Sylwanin and confused as to why she dealt with humans. Grace explained to him that humans are not all the same and some want to live in harmony. Rai'uk then left and told Sylwanin to prepare.

Death and Post-death[]

Sylwanin later became a student of Grace Augustine after the establishment of her school house, along with her sister, Neytiri. Grace described the pair as her two best students.[2] In 2152, Sylwanin stopped going to school because she was angry about the RDA's work on Pandora, and one day she and a few other young hunters set a bulldozer on fire and fled to Grace's school hoping that she would be able to protect them, but they were followed by RDA soldiers and killed in the school before Grace could intervene. This led to Mo'at and Eytukan's decision to ban the humans from the Omaticaya clan, resulting in the closure of the schoolhouse and forcing Grace to study the Na'vi in secret.

In 2154, after the arrival of Jake Sully, Tsu'tey visited the Tree of Voices to commune with Sylwanin's spirit and receive guidance as she understood "the spirit of the People" better than he did. She manifested without memories of how she died or any knowledge of what came after her death. After Tsu'tey's explanation about the current state of affairs and his requests for guidance, she told him that while things had changed since she died, she was still stuck as a young girl. She insisted he gets help from someone wiser than her among the living.

After Tsu'tey's death during the Assault on the Tree of Souls, his spirit was joyfully reunited with Sylwanin's.[3]


Sylwanin is shown to have been wise; she had learned early on that there was good to be found in humans and passed this knowledge onto her younger sister, and was sought after by Tsu'tey as a source of advice. Despite this, Sylwanin undermined her wisdom to Tsu'tey, stating she was unequipped to be helping him and advising him to seek aid from someone among the living.

She is calmer than both her sister and former betrothed alike, appearing unfazed by the news of what had happened in her absence as well as the knowledge that she had been killed by humans. Unlike Tsu'tey, she was naturally empathetic and understanding of the emotional and spiritual needs of the People, a skill likely passed down from her training with her mother.

Although she believed that humans could be good, she also condemned the immoral among them, describing their practices as "foolish destruction"[4] and resorting to setting an RDA Bulldozer on fire in protest of them.


Sylwanin was training to be a Tsahìk and successor to Mo'at, however, it is unknown how skilled she became in this area before her untimely death.



Sylwanin was in love with Tsu'tey before and after her death, though they had quite different personalities, with Sylwanin teasing Tsu'tey for his headstrong attitude. Tsu'tey was distraught over Sylwanin's death and her passing greatly fueled his hatred towards humans; after his passing, Sylwanin's spirit welcomed him into the Pandoran Neural Network.


Sylwanin cared for Neytiri and often spent time with her by telling her stories, including the story of her encounter with Ryan Lorenz, informing Neytiri that good could be found in some humans. This later influenced Neytiri after she met and fell in love with Jake Sully. The sisters attended Grace Augustine's schoolhouse together and were known to be great students; tragically, it was in the schoolhouse where Sylwanin was shot to death, her killing being witnessed by Neytiri and devastating her emotionally.

If she was aware of it, Sylwanin did not seem bothered by Neytiri becoming betrothed to Tsu'tey in her place.

Grace Augustine[]

After meeting her for the first time, Sylwanin was impressed by Grace Augustine's knowledge of the Na'vi language and culture and later attended her schoolhouse. She viewed Grace as one of the good humans and asked Tsu'tey about her after he visited the Tree of Voices. She also considered Grace and her schoolhouse as a source of safety, fleeing to her after being pursued by humans, but Grace was unfortunately not able to protect her and her companions.


  • Two photographs of Sylwanin, standing alongside Neytiri and Grace Augustine, can be seen hanging on the fridge at Site 26.
  • Sylwanin and her death are only mentioned in the director's cut edition of the film.
  • Sylwanin's name does not follow the traditional Na'vi phonetics system, wherein the letter "y" is never used as a vowel. The correct spelling of her name is "Sìlwanin".[5]
  • Grace Augustine's avatar appears to wear the same necklace Sylwanin wore whilst alive.


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