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The Ta'unui Clan are an oceanic Na'vi clan on the Eastern Sea. They are one of many reef people who live in the same group of atolls as the Metkayina Clan.[1]


Like the Metkayina, the Ta'unui are adapted to the ocean and live in marui, which are built between the roots and branches of mangrove trees. They use the ilu as mount and decorate their bodies with tattoos that are an indicator of their status and life experience.


Targeted by Quaritch[]

Ta'unui threaten

The Recoms threaten the villagers.

In 2170, the village of Ta'unui was targeted by Miles Quaritch and his team of Recoms looking for Jake Sully. The colonel showed the locals Jake's photo and asked if they had seen him, to which they replied they did not, as they were under the orders of Tonowari, the clan leader of the Metkayina Clan. Frustrated that the clan did not seem to know anything about Jake, Quaritch ordered his squad to kill one Ilu, much to the shock of the whole clan and Spider. Quaritch then threatened to kill the tsahìk if the olo'eyktan did not give up Jake's location. Disgusted, Spider rejected to translate this threat and declared that he does not want to be part of this.

Finally, under the influence of Spider's pleas, Quaritch spared the lives of the whole clan, but he still ordered his squad to burn the village down instead, leaving the villagers in despair.

Known Members[]

Ta'unui Olo'eyktan
Ta'unui Olo'eyktan
Ta'unui Clan Tsahik
Ta'unui Tsahìk


Clan beaten

A deleted scene of the clan being beaten

  • There was confusion whether or not the Ta'unui was a clan or just the name of their village, and if they were considered part of the Metkayina clan. Joshua Izzo clarified they are their own independent clan.[2]
  • Quaritch referred to the marui of the Ta'unui as "hooches". Hooch was a slang word for a thatched hut or an improvised living space during the Vietnam War.
  • There was deleted extended footage of more physical violence being used against the clan, but it was removed because it made the film seem too dark.