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André Sogliuzzo

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Tan Jala is a senior member of the Tipani clan, a master hunter known for his wise words and honest perspective. Tan Jala was among the first to reach out to the "Sky People," becoming the de facto tribal ambassador to the humans. He learned English from Dr. René Harper. Soon, the humans’ affronts to the land become impossible for Tan Jala to ignore or excuse. While he understood the frustration of warriors like Beyda'amo and he had been vocal in his anger towards the RDA strip mining, he knew there was still much to be gained by a peaceful bond with the Sky People, and had worked diligently towards it. Tan Jala believes in reaching out with an open hand to the humans rather than striking out with a fist. Peace and harmony are the way of the Na'vi. However, should conflict become unavoidable, Tan Jala is rumored to be one of the Tipani's most lethal and cunning warriors. Tan Jala wears the skin of a viperwolf.

If the player decides to join the Na'vi, Tan Jala will help the player understand his or her role in saving Pandora. At the end of the Na'vi campaign, after the player reaches the Well of Souls and stops Commander Falco, Tan Jala is shown flying on his ikran and tells the player the First Voice does not need a second.

In the Avatar video game, if the player chooses to side with the RDA, he or she eventually battles and kills Tan Jala, crippling the Na'vi's vital leadership in the local battlezone. This allows the RDA's forces to gain the upper hand in the local area, pushing hard against the Na'vi and forcing them to withdraw.


  • His name is strange for Na'vi since the language does not possess the j sound.
  • Tan Jala's appearance in the cutscene at the end of the game gives rise to a plot hole. If the player sides with the RDA he is killed in combat. The player can later rejoin the Na'vi and the ending cutscene shows him regardless of his death.
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