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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Tantalus (Na'vi name: Ta'antasi) is a massive collection of rock outcroppings floating in the atmosphere to the north of the Plains of Goliath. Large deposits of superconductive unobtanium have caused these huge crevasses to levitate, with several million tons of rock caught between the pull of Polyphemus and the push of Pandoran magnetic fields. The massive stone arches are called malmok by the Na'vi, or "ring of stone".

Surface travel on these floating mountains is not advised, as these particular formations are highly unstable and prone to "calving" - chunks of rock suddenly breaking apart and falling back to the surface. Those patrols that aren't crushed by sudden rock falls are often hunted down and killed by Na'vi warriors pursuing from the Plains of Goliath. Even air travel in Tantalus is known to be exceedingly hazardous, as large flocks of avian predators are a constant fixture in the region.



  • Tantalus is a figure in Greek mythology, one of the many children of Zeus.
  • There are six wrecked dragon assault ships spread throughout Tantalus.
  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Drifting Sierra", possibly an older name for the location. A smaller portion of the region retains this name.