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The tapirus (Na'vi name: fwampop)[1] is a docile, herbivorous tapir-like creature that lives on Pandora.

On a planet with perfect predators, the Tapirus fills the unfortunate role of being the perfect prey. It is the butt of many jokes of Hell's Gate personnel and shows up on the cafeteria menu.


A tapirus can be seen eating on the right, a group of tapiri on the left in the background

The tapirus is of short stature, with flat, elephant-like feet. Its body is a light brown color with faint striping patterns across its sides. The upper half of the tapirus's body is covered in purple armor plating for protection, with raised, protruding crest structures on its back, accented with a bright cyan color.[2] It appears to have only one set of rear-facing operculum behind its head. The tapirus's neural whips are notably located on the front of its face, connected to the top half of a fleshy beak-like structure that makes up the creature's snout, rather than extending from the back of the head. It has two sets of eyes, with the rear ones being smaller, characteristic of other Pandoran wildlife.

Habitat and Behavior[]

The tapirus is one of the few non-aggressive creatures of Pandora. During the day, it can be found wandering the forest fringe and the plains in small groups. At night, they assemble in the jungle for protection. Although not immediately dangerous, one should always avoid harming a tapirus unnecessarily, as its shrill cries are likely to attract the attention of larger (and more dangerous) predators.[3]

The tapirus can also be found in Na'vi villages living comfortably alongside them as pets, as they are easily trained and have a friendly disposition.[4] They may also be farmed to serve as a food source for the Na'vi, or as a warning system against threats.



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