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Taronyu was a Na'vi of the Kekunan Clan, who lived thousands of years prior to the events of the film. He is credited as the first Na'vi to bond a banshee, as well as the inventor of the banshee catcher, an item still used by the Na'vi in 2154.

The Legendary Bonding of Rotalyu[edit | edit source]

Each day, Taronyu would look to the sky to admire the soaring beasts. A deep desire to someday fly among them stewed inside him. With each tremendous flap of the wing, Taronyu was drawn to the graceful creature. He believed someday the mountain banshee and Na'vi would move through the sky as one. And he wanted to be the first to do it. How to catch the wild creature was the challenge. Taronyu went to work, braiding durable leaves to form a tightly wound rope. he fahsioned a lasso to secure the beast's neck. Three long strands weighted by rocks would knock the beast on its head with no long-lasting harm. Climbing high into the mountains, Taronyu relentlessly studied one specific banshee for eight days. On the eight day, with four flicks of the lasso, the banshee catcher caught the snout and soon the beast fell calm. Taronyu triumphantly returned to his clan on the back of Rotalyu and earned the title of Ikran Makto, 'Banshee Rider'.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His exploits and indeed his very existence may be purely mythical.
  • Taronyu is the Na'vi word for "hunter".

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