Tawkami Clan
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Deep jungle, neighboring that of the Kekunan Clan

Cultural Information




Na'vi Name

Tawkami (Sky Seer Clan)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS


Tawkami Clan Symbol

The Tawkami Clan (Sky Seer Clan) ia a na'vi clan that resides peacefully in the village of Greenhome, deep in the wild Pandoran jungle. The clan has long watched over Eywa's ecosystem with a careful eye to maintain the balance and is known for its persistent quest for knowledge and lorekeeping.[1] The clan also seems to have some form of writing system.[2]

The Tawkami are renowned for their knowledge of chemistry. They are the only clan capable of producing the plexiglass-like material required for banshee rider's masks, and a vast array of potions and other concoctions besides. Their knowledge of chemistry extends to natural oils extraction and tranquilizers. The clan has also learned to control the chemical nature of the potent fruit to alter the very surface of Pandora. This skill has provided great advantage over predators in the past. It has been said that where most see a beautiful landscape, the Tawkami see Pandora as an elaborate recipe. The Tawkami award multicolored sashes to alchemical apprentices among their own.[3]

The Tawkami consider it their mission to sustain the sacred nature of the ecosystem on Pandora. Many of their number shelter within massive bioluminescent flowers such as the Healing Rose in order to meditate and attain spiritual wisdom.

Relationship with HumanityEdit

First contact with the humans, whom they refer to as 'the sky people', came about when a Samson flew over their village. Open conflict between the two groups took place almost immediately, with the humans capturing the clan's elders that same day. This sparked a series of battles that eventually resulted in the abandonment of various RDA sites including the Highcrags mining facility, and the defeat of the rogue scientist Dr. Ossman.

Known MembersEdit


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