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The Tayrangi clan, also known as the Ikran People of the Eastern Sea, are a coastal Na'vi clan led by Ikeyni.


The Tayrangi are famous for their ikrans riding prowess, similar to their brother of the north, the Kekunan. They use them to fish for aquatic creatures in the Pandoran ocean, diving in a fashion similar to the Terran cormorant fish, then flying back out. They have a deep knowledge of the air and sea, including underwater migratory and feeding patterns. Because of this activity, the Tayrangi have strong swimming skills and have a reverence for the larger aquatic predators they come across.

The members of Tayrangi clan are independent spirits, untethered to convention and unburdened by even the strictest of Na'vi clan rules. A Pandoran Research Administration personality quiz highlights their notable traits as being unconventional, eclectic, adaptable, and progressive.

Battle of Ayram Alusìng[]

Ikeyni Makto ko

The Tayrangi are summoned by Toruk Makto

The Tayrangi are one of the 15 clans summoned by Jake Sully as Toruk Makto, for the battle against the RDA in defense of the Tree of Souls. The clan is led into battle by Ikeyni, and assist in the defense during the Battle of Ayram Alusìng. Many of them die during the battle, but manage to destroy several of the RDA's vehicles.


  • The Tayrangi clan were meant to be visited in Avatar: Reckoning, as the fourth clan in Raven's journey. However, the game was cancelled and it does not seem any major scriptwriting or development was made for the clan.
    • A datamined line from Avatar: Reckoning, from Trinity Harper to Phil Bennet, says, "Besides, where do you get off pointing the finger at me? You know what you did to the Na'vi in that Tayrangi holding center." This suggests the RDA has imprisoned the clan after the RDA's return to Pandora.
  • Until 2019, they were only known as "The Ikran People of the Eastern Sea", a term Jake uses during the first film. The promotional website for the Avatar sequels lists several clans, including a picture of the clan from the film with the name attached.[1]
  • The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration mentions the clan lays their deceased on cliff nooks overlooking the sea where they are then eaten by small banshees.
  • Even though they live on the coast of the Eastern Sea, Tayrangi members are not biologically adapted for a marine environment like the Metkayina clan and other reef clans are. This could be due to the Tayrangi technically living on the mainland and traversing the oceans primarily on banshees.

Known Members[]

Na'vi Status Title Portrait
Ikeyni Alive Olo’eykte of Tayrangi clan
Nan'ti Unknown Scout/Gatherer
Tsentey Unknown Ikeyni's mate/Warrior