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The Great Wall
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Great Wall is a geographical feature of the Tantalus region. It is a wall of floating rock, splitting the area in two. The area also includes a Tipani village on the north side. A shallow lake exists around the base of the cliff, and a pass to the north east leads into Lacuna.

Avatar: The Game[]

Upon Able Ryder's arrival, the village was attacked by the RDA. He managed to kill 18 soldiers in under three minutes, thus saving the village and its inhabitants. After speaking with Amanti, Ryder flew northwards on a great leonopteryx.

If allied with the RDA, Ryder helps the SecOps to bring down the Great Wall by fighting alongside troopers and holding the area surrounding the Wall. After approximately eight minutes of brutal combat with heavy Na'vi casualties, more RDA ground reinforcements arrive and buy Ryder enough time to approach the Wall in order to install and trigger heavy demolition charges that he had obtained earlier from Batista.

With the rock wall destroyed, Scorpion Gunships were able to fly through the gap and commence strafing runs on the Na'vi village, terminating the last bastion of Na'vi resistance on Tantalus and allowing RDA forces to firmly secure the area. With the zone now secured, Ryder flew towards the Well of Souls on board a Dragon Assault Ship to confront a rogue Commander Falco.