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The Legend of Nok was a tale that the bard Seyvaro wrote; a dramatization of the adventures of Nok. He first told the story in the Blightground.

From humble beginnings he came,
nothing more than an ordinary boy,
but one touched by Fate! For when
the Sky People came and began
their destruction, Nok receieved the
call of Eywa!
Through savage beasts and
terrifying warriors, Nok bravely
fought! He befriended a strange
young girl... A Na'vi with the
mind of one of the Sky People! Their
friendship allowed him to explore...
... to climb high... to infiltrate
enemy territory!
Many Sky Peoples he faced and
defeated... He awoke Eywa's Sight!
Now, with the girl by his side... Nok
faces a new Pandora... an unknown
future! Should trouble rise again,
he shall stand ready. The hand and
eye of Eywa! The Alaksi Nari!