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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Mine is an excavated area north-east of The Clear-Cut, in the Swotulu region on Pandora. The entrance to the mine is restricted with a heavy gate. A dirt path with wheel tracks leads down into the mine through a kind of tunnel like fence. Down in the mine itself, there are three Excavators, as well as numerous wheel tracks on the dirt and a couple of rocks. The entire area is protected by large rock cliffs that form a wall around the mine. In the middle of the area there is one dead Na'vi.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder came to this area in search of an Unobtanium Shard. Once he arrived, he found the dead body of the Na'vi mentioned above. Also, as soon as he had gotten to the body, three Amp Suits converged on him, in an attempt to eliminate him, as they had quite possibly done with the other Na'vi. Ryder, however, destroyed all three Amp Suits, killing the drivers in the process. He then climbed a couple of lianas that lead to a platform overlooking the mine. A Samson helicopter dropped off some RDA SecOps soldiers on the platform, with Ryder killing them as well. He then blew up the tower and left with his Banshee, leaving the mine rather dysfunctional.