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Omaticaya Clan

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Priscilia Le Foll

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Toruk - The First Flight

The Shaman, was a member of the Omaticaya clan 3000 years ago. She led the ceremony around a large fire pit, which marked the end of Ralu's initiation. The Shaman sang an entrancing hymn to the great winged predator. Afterwards, an earthquake hit the area. The Shaman saw a vision, in which she saw a stream of molten lava threatening to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls, the Na'vi's direct link to Eywa.[1]

Shaman Character Design[edit | edit source]

Shaman has one of the most elaborate and stunning costumes in the production. The costume designer, Kym Barrett, drew inspiration from the giant dream catcher-type object in the film, and incorporated it into her headpiece. The shape of the skirt is meant to mimic a funnel or vortex, which is the function the Shaman serves as a spiritual vessel for the clan. She also incorporated weaving and embellishment inspiration from North American native tribes.[2]

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