• I have no Idea if someone has asked this yet, although I find it ashtonishing. I have a very serious question about Pandora that has been troubleing me a long time, and to me, it is so extrange that Cameron amde this mistake, or if it is not, could some explain me this:

    -Pandora its a moon, but if we see the movie we feel that day night cycle is very similar to ours. I dont understad this, all the moons are tidally locked so the rotational period is equal to orbital period around its planet. It can't be travelly that fast for it would be expelled as a frisby and it can't be rotating without being tidally locked. So, what I am missing here?

    Thanks to everyone!

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    • Well not all moons are tidally locked, its possible that pandora is is not one of them, it depends on the distance from the planet and the mass of the moon relative to the planet. But i doubt that pandora is far away enough to not be locked, at least from what i saw in the night shots in the movie, it probably is just an oversight,

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    • Pandora can be tidally locked and still have a day-night cycle that is similar to Earth's. It all depends on its orbital period. Our moon has a 27-day orbital period. The moon Io's is only 35 hours. And Mimas's day only has 21 hours. And I agree. Not all moons are tidally locked. Research indicates that if a moon's orbital period is greater than 100 days, not may not be "locked" to its parent planet. However, given enough time, all natural satellites (regular or irregular) will eventually become tidally locked to their primary.

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