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Tipani Armor
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Na'vi of the Tipani Clan


physical and spiritual protection, as well as declaration of rank.



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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Tipani clan are renowned for their use of armor, protective clothing they manufacture as part of a wider focus on combat training in their society. While other clans do have a hand in fashioning armor, they are the only clan known to wear it regularly. In fact, the clan has a wardrobe of armor for various specific purposes such as hunting, training and battle, and less agressively, singing and dancing.[1] Some suits of armor include helmets.

Materials and Construction[edit | edit source]

The armor is mostly made using bones, shells, plants, insects and even the claws of deceased animals. The Tipani believe the predatory and survival instincts of the animal are transferred to the warrior who wears the armor.

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