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August 24, 2126



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Sam Worthington

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Tom Sully was the late twin brother of Jake Sully and was supposed to participate in the Avatar Program on Pandora, having undergone much training. He met and befriended Norm Spellman during these courses.

According to testimony by Dr. Grace Augustine, Tom was supposedly a brilliant scientist with PhD honors. He was killed by a thief who attempted to steal his wallet, three years into his training in the summer of 2148.

He was witnessed being covered with plastic inside a cardboard box before a hasty cremation in the Municipal Crematorium. Tom's brother, Jake was chosen to replace him in the Avatar Program by the RDA as Jake had identical DNA to Tom and was therefore able to drive his avatar.

Jake described Tom as being similar in appearance yet opposite in personality to him, always studying in comparison to Jake being more outgoing. Tom had an interest in reading as well as science and mathematics. They both shared an interest in one of Tom's books about myths and legends about Earth's heroic figures.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the original script (Project 880), he died from breathing in the fumes when a subway caught on fire in Boston.
  • In the theatrical release of the film and the extended re-release, Tom was said to have been killed by a gunshot while in the Extended Collector's Edition, Jake said that Tom's killer used a knife.
  • The name Tom means "Twin" and Tom was Jake's twin brother.
  • Tom was good friends with Norm before his death.
  • He was originally supposed to drive his own avatar, but Jake was chosen to drive it after Tom was killed.

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