Toruk - The First Flight Soundtrack
Album Information
Artist Bob & Bill
Released February 5th, 2016
Genre Soundtrack
Media type Itunes
Disc # 1
Tracks 11
Length 47:00

The Toruk - The First Flight Soundtrack is the official score to the eponymous arena show.[1] The score was composed and directed by musical duo Bob & Bill, who have been responsible for several Cirque du Soleil soundtracks. The album was available for pre-order following its announcement on January 22nd, two weeks before launch.[2]


  1. Omaticaya Clan
  2. Lu Aw Na'vi
  3. Shaman Story
  4. Tawkami Clan
  5. The Anurai Clan Sanctuary
  6. Viperwolves and the Tipani Clan
  7. Direhorses
  8. Kekunan Clan
  9. Hallelujah Mountains
  10. The Toruk
  11. Luminous Reunion


The Itunes version also comes with a digital booklet.



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