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Utral Aymokriyä
Tree of Voices
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (Wii/PSP)

Jake: I can hear them...
Neytiri: They live, Jake... within Eywa.

The Tree of Voices (Na'vi name: Utraya Mokri) is a special type of willow tree on Pandora. According to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, they seem to grow throughout the world.

One Tree of Voices site was an important spiritual site to the Omatikaya clan, so named because the "voices" of ancestors could be "heard" through neural queue contact with the tree. It is said to be a place for prayers to be heard, and sometimes answered.

They are similar in appearance to the Tree of Souls.


Sylwanin memory

Tsu'tey accessing Sylwanin's memory

The Tree of Voices also contains the "memories" of the rainforest's plants and animals, all stored in Eywa's neutral network. When a Na'vi connects to the tree, Eywa can sense what they hope to see and respond accordingly. Prior to any great act, a Na'vi will visit the tree to entrust their memories to Eywa.

The deceased Na'vi within Eywa will only know and remember things up to the last time they linked with Eywa, hence they do not remember their deaths. For example, Tsu'tey would visit the memories of his deceased love Sylwanin here but she did not know how she died.[1][2]


A Romantic Night[]

On August 18, 2154, Neytiri brought Jake Sully to the Tree of Voices where she happily showed him the value of the site to him. When he connected his queue to one of its tendrils, he heard the voices of Na'vi from the past. Afterwards, two confirmed their relationship, mated and fell asleep at the Tree of Voices.

Destruction of the Omatikaya's site[]

Tree of Voices

The RDA bulldozing the Tree of Voices

On the morning of August 19, Jake and Neytiri woke up to the Resources Development Administration (RDA) bulldozing the Tree of Voices in order to clear a path to Hometree in preparation for mining the rich unobtanium deposit there. However, Grace Augustine later claimed the RDA bulldozed the sacred site on purpose in order to turn the Na'vi hostile and instigate a war in order to justify using brute force to take the Na'vi's resources.


  • The grammatically correct form for tree of voices in the Na'vi language is "Utral Aymokriyä".[3]
  • James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (Wii/PSP) suggested there is more than just one Tree of Voices site in existence, with one of the chapter screens mentioning either the Anurai clan or the Li'ona clan having their own. Rai'uk fights Sean Wallen by it. This was reaffirmed by Frontiers of Pandora.
  • On the updated Pandorapedia, Eytukan's profile was updated to say Jake visits his memory at the Tree of Voices. It is unclear if this means a few trees may have survived the bulldozing, or if Jake visits other Tree of Voices on Pandora.
  • According to James Cameron's Avatar: The Movie Scrapbook, the Tree of Voices only has recordings that date back about 20,000 years. This is very peculiar because the opening of the Wii/PSP mysteriously claims that 20,000 years of peace have come to an end.


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